CLM Teamx

EI Australia’s in-house Contaminated Land Management (CLM) team specialises in the assessment of soil, vapour, surface water and groundwater. When the presence of contamination is confirmed, our clients are confident in the knowledge that we have been successfully applying sustainable site remediation technologies to make sites suitable for their intended land uses for over last 25 years.

Range of CLM Services

EI Australia provides CLM services and professional support in the following areas:

  • Contaminated Land Investigation Including Management/Remediation
  • Groundwater Investigations
  • Groundwater impact assessments Soil Validation/ Materials Investigation/ Waste Classification
  • Pre-purchase and pre-sale due-diligence appraisals of site contamination
  • Baseline environmental assessments (to confirm environmental conditions prior to tenancy)
  • Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) and Detailed Site Investigation (DSI)
  • Hazardous material assessments
  • Acid Sulfate Soil/Rock/Sediment Investigations
  • In-situ and ex-situ soil waste classification assessments
  • Environmental monitoring of landfills, soil gas, surface water, groundwater and air quality
  • Underground Petroleum Storage Systems(UPSS) leakage monitoring
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) removal, decommissioning, validation and tank disposal
  • Data gap analysis and data gap closure investigations
  • Soil vapour assessments and vapour intrusion risk modelling
  • Human Health & Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Fate and transport modelling (for sites with groundwater contamination)
  • Remediation Action Plans (RAP)
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
  • RAP and EMP implementation
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)
  • Site Remediation and Validation Assessments
  • EPA Site Auditor liaison to achieve project sign-off and plan approval
  • Advocacy through Council and EPA to achieve project approval
  • Research and Development (R&D), Treatability Studies
Industrial tank on disused paint factory site
Buried heritage feature (suspected old well) on former urban industrial site

Remediation of Site Contamination

EI’s CLM team has the skill and experience to remediate soil and groundwater contamination in the ground (in-situ) or after excavation/ pumping (ex-situ).

After a thorough evaluation of a range of remedial options to select the most feasible and sustainable strategy, in consideration of impacts to the environment, as well as technical feasibility, projected clean-up timeframes and affordability, EI can develop a remediation approach that meets with Site Auditor approval and achieves the required project outcomes.

Remedial technologies used successfully on previous projects have included:

  • Contaminated soils: bioremediation, in-situ stabilisation, encapsulation, vapour extraction and off-site disposal to licensed landfill; and
  • Contaminated groundwater: in-situ chemical oxidation, air-sparging/vapour extraction, ex-situ treatment with re-injection and monitored natural attenuation.